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Our result

At the Health Promotion South Africa Trust our heart and passion is health education and information provision; we do not record our results in dollars or euro’s, but rather in the impact we have on the lives of the people we touch through our health education programmes. All personal details of participants to our workshops are registered, which enables us to maintain contact with them and thus in time, we can evaluate and measure the true impact we have in the community and see how lives have been changed.

HPSA is happy to present you, friends of the Health Promoters worldwide, with the numbers of participants taught Basic Health Education and our GrowStronger! curriculum during 2017/2018.

Our Senior Health Promoters reached, overall, 19,105 people, of which 12.072 were females and 7.003 were males ( 14.238 children; ; 4.867 adults).

This year we covered the following projects:@Community; @Home; @School; @Church and @Creche in our various Health Information Centres and outreach centres.

HPSA Annual Report March 2017/February 2018

Interesting facts

  • 65% of people who are taking the courses are women
  • 58% of people joining in the courses are under the age of 40
  • 84% of the people who we trained did not have any previous knowledge in the subject
  • 90% of people came to the workshops to improve their knowledge
  • 70% of people will share the knowledge given by the Health Promoters with friends, family and the community
  • 98% of people joining in the ECD-workshop thought this workshop was extremely helpful
  • 71% of people joining in the Gastro Infection workshop had no knowledge about the subject in advance of the course