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Our founders

Years ago the two founders of Health Promotion South Africa Trust (HPSA) Dr h.c. Harold E Robles and Dr Jelle Braaksma, were very aware of the poor health of many people in vulnerable communities in South Africa.  They realised that there was an urgent need to provide free health education to these vulnerable people.  So they founded HPSA, as a very practical way of realising their dream of healthier South Africans!

Thanks to these two men, the Health Promoters exist and a whole team of people have gathered around them who are committed to the philosophy of Albert Schweitzer: “I am life that wants life, in the midst of life that wants life”.
With high points and depth points they have created something in the world. The highlights were:

Low points in our organization are high at the top of the death of our mentor, inspirator and dear friend Dr. H.C. Harold Robles who used his life day and night to make our organization bigger.

Our organisation

Our Result

Since its inception in 2005, the Health Promoters have reached, conscientize and educate well over 81000 people in their target communities and beyond. The desire to obtain health information necessary to navigate the rough socio-economic terrain, where good health, wellbeing and survival go hand-in-hand, have seen in the course of the years, an exponential increase in the number of people who have received the health education course of the health promoters. In this dispensation of the COVID-19 Pandemic, especially, the prominence of our intervention cannot be overestimated. Our primary goal is to end the vicious circle of ill-health, poverty and unemployment. With your support, we continue to train and empower health promoters who are creating a positive impact in their communities.

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