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Health Promoters have an important role during Covid 19

Health Promoters International / Health Promoters have an important role during Covid 19

Right now, during this outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization continues to play a crucial role. The regular activities have continued only according to the WHO guidelines. This means providing health education for smaller groups and the use of online sessions. In addition, the pressure on our Health Promoters increased enormously by communities asking for information on how to deal with this pandemic. In order to prevent the virus from spreading further, flyers have been developed with information and distributed across the townships.  This last action was enthusiastically received by the government agencies in South Africa. This has increased the awareness of our organization in Cape Town and surrounding communities.

The team in charge of this amazing job in South Africa is currently overburdened, as they are just a hand full of men and women. That is why the organization has asked us to be allowed to expand the workforce to include more hands from trainees in the townships who have been trained and certified by the Health Promoters.

This expansion will result in an increase of 25% of the monthly budget. The Friends of the Health Promoters are positive about this request because good health education in South Africa is of vital importance. As Dr Robles has proclaimed for years, health education is also a human right.