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Luna Paige; the new ambassador of Health Promoters

We are delighted that Luna Paige has decided to become an ambassador for Health Promoters in South Africa. We are very pleased that she has decided to do so. She will be visiting Health Promoters and attending workshops in November.Luna will be raising more awareness for Health Promoters outside the townships in the Stellenbosch area.

About Luna Paige
Luna Paige is a South African singer-songwriter, music theatre producer, ex-social worker and works in marketing and fundraising at a prominent school in Stellenbosch. 

She has released four English albums, one solo Afrikaans album, a collaborative SAMA-nominated Afrikaans album with colleagues Nick Turner and Jamie Jupiter, and various singles in both English and Afrikaans. She is currently working on recording the last season of a whole new series of music which she plans to release as part of her fifth English album in 2023. She is currently writing and composing her second Afrikaans album, due for release in August 2023, shortly before she heads off to the Netherlands to perform at the Festival voor het Afrikaans in November.  Luna is the developer and producer of music theatre productions Die Ander Konsert, Korreltjie Kantel, Her Blues and Smeltkroes – all music theatre pieces that had successful runs at arts festivals across the country. She has a Master’s Degree in welfare programme management, spent significant years working as a social worker and believes in the power of the arts as a transformative tool when working with groups of people. 

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