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“We will bring joy”

For a while they had been talking about….Cobus Moll and Harold Robles: A collaboration that would strengthen each other. In what way that should be was not clear then. They met each other at the Golf4Health in 2019, immediately got along well and had big plans together.

Cobus: “Unfortunately, the collaboration with Harold did not go any further. The time was not yet ripe for it and I also did not know exactly how I could help. Moreover, he was seriously ill and needed all his energy to keep going. It is a pity that he could not live to see it, but fortunately there is a very good contact with the Health Promoters in the Netherlands”.

With ‘Jabulani on the GO’, the healthy freeze-dried fruit snacks that are produced and packaged in Colombia, Cobus wants to conquer the world market. It is a healthy snack that can be kept for 24 months in any temperature. “It is a great product to take anywhere. For example, from the summer to the beach. Whether you take a bag of the Jabulani banana with you or an ordinary banana in your bag to the beach….at the end of the day, you will see the difference,” laughs Cobus. “I am enormously proud of this product and together with the Health Promoters we are going to bring joy to the consumers. Afterall, that is the literal meaning of Jabulani. We are going to offer the world a healthy snack and a a percentage of the proceeds of this snack) will be  donated to let the Health Promoters do their work. I am very proud of that!”

What’s touching, in the work of the health promoters, in your opinion?
Health Promoters bring health education to underprivileged areas in South Africa and Lesotho; I’m from Africa myself and my nickname as a child used to be Jabulani. Harold and I have often talked about finding a way so that we can provide health education in other places. After Harold passed away I contacted Mrs Regina Eggink who knew of our plans. Together we discussed our wishes for the future and then also with the board of the Friends of Health Promoters in the Netherlands, and also with a representative of the  Friends of the Health Promoters in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. My wish is to bring joy to the consumer with my product and that Health Promoters can bring their piece of joy to the communities in which they teach. When the time is right, I hope that we can also start giving health education in South America, such as in Colombia, the Carribean and Brazil. How wonderful it is if we can give something back to the farmers who grow my fruit by providing health education that can change their lives. It is so poor there, just like in Africa and that touches my heart!”

“Together we have a nice goal and there are already talks with companies that manage all snack machines in the Netherlands and we have nice contacts with chains in the Netherlands, USA and in South Africa that are enthusiastic about our product.” Cobus looks out the window and smiles, “Together we are going to bring joy! If only Harold could see it, that we are going to continue the plans we had with the team that is there now….it makes me enormously proud and grateful!”

The following fruits are available: 




  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Blackcurrants
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Dragon fruit