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Marieke de Boer: Blog # 3

I’m finally used to the South African life. Nowadays I’m used to the 50 cent lunches in the townships. For that little amount of money you get a lot of food! One of the things I’m now used to is the sun and the wind… the wind! During my time in the townships I’ve been called Mlungu or teacher while I was walking around with my colleagues.

Unfortunately my time at Health Promoters is almost over. I had such an amazing time with an amazing team. There’s one subject a really want to talk about: the project Life Changing Health Education.

Every week there’s a new post with a picture of a participant with a text with what the Health Promoters have done for their life. I’ve had the honor to interview many people. It’s very touching to hear the impact Health Promoters had on their lives with their workshops. This contact with those people gave me a confronting image of the situation of health in the different townships. Basic knowledge I learned from a very young age which is completely unknown to adults.

The time has come for me to pack my things and say goodbye to Health Promoters and South Africa… after a well-deserved holiday of course…